the one with random little moments.

I am a big believer in life’s “random little moments”.  Whenever I eat a Dove chocolate, I feel the need to carefully salvage the wrapper to read the few words of advice as if they are predicting my future or unearthing a secret (sometimes neglecting to eat the chocolate).  I always make a wish on fallen eyelashes or as a response to the clock striking 11:11.  I am a frequently lucky penny picker-uper.  And more often than not, my music choices can predict the mood I’m in.  But these are the small moments, and every once and a while a bigger once comes along that challenges me to pause for a second.

These are life’s “random bigger moments,” when that light bulb clicks or something in your head tells you to pay extra attention to the next few seconds of an experience.  These are the moments that create new ideas for the exponential bucket list developing on a wearing page of my yellow leather journal.  These are the moments that contribute classifying my character as a dreamer.  For example, while running my first half marathon, I had a “moment” on mile 11 as I passed by random stranger after random stranger like a blurry watercolor and realized my next step was to run 26.2.  The countless campfire jam sessions during my time abroad escalated my passion for music and sparked a curiosity to expand my knowledge of instruments.  Simple dinner chatter that escalates into a deeper conversation of hopes and fears and interests always exemplify the value of friendship.

With the holidays coming and going and the final few days of the year not far behind, I can’t help but reflect on the moments of the year, as well as the moments to be made.  



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